The Cigar Shop at Havana Club

The cigar shop at Club Havana has a wide range of keep-sakes and souvenirs straight from Cuba. Along with a wide selection of Cuban, Dominican and various Caribbean cigars, the store, located downstairs from Club Havana, offers an array of cultural trinkets. You don’t have to fly to Cuba to get yourself some authentic Cuban crafts, woodwork, clothing, sculptures, and artwork the store really does have it all. You can also purchase numerous smoking accessories from the shop. Step inside the humidor, decorated with walls of cigars, sealed in an air-tight vault. With the help of a humidifier, this room remains at the perfect temperature and humidity to assure cigars don’t get too dry or too wet. The large store also features an area where visitors can observe a master roller at work, handcrafting cigars right before your eyes. Take the spiral steps down to the cigar shop, or enter from the main entrance just underneath Club Havana, and browse gorgeous Cuban memorabilia today.

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